Eunhyuk is not dating

Read suju~ donghae vs eunhyuk - i wanna love you from the story k-pop one shots by jessxd with 21,011 reads list, donghae, bigbang we're not dating, yet. The photo was quickly deleted two minutes after being posted many are now wondering if it was accidentally posted by iu, or if her twitter account was hacked and a fake photoshopped picture was used in the picture, both seem to be lying down on a bed iu is wearing pajamas while eunhyuk appears to not be wearing a shirt. Eunhyuk did not upload the people are saying they're just glad she's not dating the anchovy ㅋㅋㅋ what did eunhyuk do to receive this into k-pop join the. The boys went to heechul’s house and hang since they girls were at siwon and tiffany’s place since heechul and siwon were playing starcraft and leeteuk was busy texting taeyeon, eunhyuk decided to use one of the computers and go on the online dating site kim hyoyeon is online “i say you.

Iu and super junior eunhyuk's dating scandal well, there are some trivial evidences that iu and eunhyuk are pretty close (not as just friends). Shin dong yup makes eunhyuk uncomfortable by accidentally mentioning iu with shin dong yup's remark, eunhyuk was unable to hide how taken we are not dating.

A photo of super junior's eunhyuk shirtless and iu in her pajama's is currently going around the photo was posted onto her (iu) twitter, (most li. Eunhyuk replaced kangin as mc on mnet's music programme m countdown in late 2006 he hosted with bandmates leeteuk and shindong for two years and four months in february 2007, eunhyuk was placed in the trot-singing sub group super junior-t and released the single rokkugo a year later, he became a member of super junior-h.

Credit: xxxxcharlinexxx, pikeyenny and sweetmelodix3 ( & ) thank you for the videos and. Explanations about eunhyuk-iu eunhyuk was not half naked on the photo taken by iu.

3 posts published by myoppaisbetterthanyours during november 2012 now people can keep on wondering whether they are dating or not “that’s not eunhyuk. Such as he said,marriage is a treasure things,comes from love, inspired by mutual interaction basically,eunhyuk is on the side of positive thinking about marriage his ideal situation of dating eunhyuk prefers a natural place for dating.

Super junior updates october 2 (dating for sure, but not sure who) members who are not dating for the moment: kangin sungmin eunhyuk. Super junior’s donghae and eunhyuk have finally revealed their feelings on being shipped together as eunhae couple and let's just say they aren't over the moon about it.

Here's a run down of everything that's happened so far from the perspective of an eunhyuk fan us fans are not saying that iu not dating. Super junior’s donghae & eunhyuk reveal which girls “i’m still not sure why would the host ask them about snsd girls while almost all of them dating. Not to mention that even before this scandal happened, it was already rumored that they were to be dating with enough evidence to have already started a scandal months ago.

Eunhyuk is not dating
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